Birth Flower Art Prints

One of my recent projects that I am most proud of is this watercolor birth flower series. I had the idea for the series late at night this summer- staying up well past 2 am on a work night to finish the first painting of the series – February Violets.

Birth Flower Watercolors

It took me several tries with most of the flowers before I was satisfied with how they looked- the April Sweet Pea was an especially challenging painting with so many thin curving lines. I completed launching the series last month as an exclusive series on and have been getting lots of incredible feedback on it. It’s always so satisfying when an idea resonates with so many people.

Let me know which painting is your favorite!


One thought on “Birth Flower Art Prints

  1. The Gladiolas. Or the Marigolds.
    The Sweet Pea is just a little too precious. But then, we knew that about any plant that goes around asking for people to call it Sweet Pea.

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