I am so proud to announce that on Sunday night I released my very first typeface on Creative Market.  Designing type has been a dream of mine for several years and this year as my New Years resolution I promised myself I’d make it happen. It took months of hard work and lots and lots of feedback, encouragement and technical help – notably from Star St. Germain – but it’s finally done.

Gemline Font


Nothing could have prepared me for the response. Sunday night I announced the launch of my typeface to the members of the Minted Design Community in a Facebook post thanking them for all the support they’ve given me over the last few years. They responded with an overwhelming number of congratulations and even my first few sales!

Gemline Typeface


I don’t know exactly what makes the team at Creative Market decide to designate a product as “Hand Picked” but early Monday morning I received an email letting me know that my font had been selected as a “hand picked” product. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the support the incredible Minted Designers gave me directly lead to Creative Market noticing my product.

Gemline Sample Text

Gemline Styles

I’m so incredibly excited by this milestone in my life. The support shown by my friends and the design community have proven to me that this really is and area I should continue work in. My next typeface is already in the works and I can’t wait to finish it and share it with all of you.

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Birth Flower Art Prints

One of my recent projects that I am most proud of is this watercolor birth flower series. I had the idea for the series late at night this summer- staying up well past 2 am on a work night to finish the first painting of the series – February Violets.

Birth Flower Watercolors

It took me several tries with most of the flowers before I was satisfied with how they looked- the April Sweet Pea was an especially challenging painting with so many thin curving lines. I completed launching the series last month as an exclusive series on and have been getting lots of incredible feedback on it. It’s always so satisfying when an idea resonates with so many people.

Let me know which painting is your favorite!


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A Brand New Site!

It’s been a long time in the making but I finally have a brand new website! Here I’ll be maintaining a portfolio of my work, links to places where you can buy the things I create and of course maintain this blog which will focus on design, creativity and art.


I’m so excited to have this up and ready to share lots of awesome things with you!

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